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Our Kayak & Paddleboard Program is Closed for the Season

See you again Memorial Day Weekend 2016!


Learn more about the Young Mariners Foundation and the work we do in the Stamford and Greenwich public schools to increase academic and life skills enrichment for children in need.


Many Thanks to Our Supporters!
The 2013-14 YMF Report Card Is Here
…And We Had A Very Good Year!
(See the results below)


Blue Water Bound Sailing Camp Academic Achievement 2014

  • 116 students graduated from the Young Mariners Afterschool Enrichment Program;
  • 124 Students learned how to swim and be comfortable in and around water;
  • 98% of YM students passed their knot-tying tests;
  • 80% of YM students passed their test in navigation and map symbols;
  • 70% of first year BWB students completed their US Sailing Small Boat Sailor Certification;
  • 89% of second year BWB students completed their US Sailing Small Boat Sailor Certification;
  • 87% of third and fourth year BWB students passed their US Sailing Boat Performance Sailor Certification;
  • 12 students returned as summer interns or Junior Instructors and effectively utilized the “Train the Trainer” learning method as they taught younger campers about sailing and the sea.

FOUNDATION PROGRAMS benefit underserved elementary and middle school children in Stamford and Greenwich. Programs use swimming and sailing as hands-on ways to provide math, science and social studies enrichment and key life skills. They address the achievement gap in Connecticut and summer learning loss.

Stamford: Partnering with Stamford public schools and community centers, we offer the Young Mariners after-school program and Blue Water Bound summer camp.

  • Children are admitted to Young Mariners through participating schools: Hart, KT Murphy, Rogers, Stark, Springdale and Toquam.
  • Blue Water Bound summer sailing camp is a 5-week program that Young Mariners can attend for 3 to 5 weeks. They spend one-half day sailing and one-half day in class related to sailing.


Greenwich: Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich and Greenwich Community Sailing Greenwich Young Mariners offer an after-school program and a summer sailing and enrichment program.

  • Children are admitted the to the Young Mariners after-school program through the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich.
  • Summer sailing, which Young Mariners can attend for up to 4 years, combines sailing with academic enrichment.

Young Mariners Waterfront Programs: are open the the public on a fee basis.

  • Sailing Instruction supervised by a certified teacher from the Stamford Public Schools who are US Sailing Certified as well
  • Stand-Up-Paddleboard and Kayak rentals.
    • Instruction and tours available.
    • Rentals available Friday-Sunday from April-October.